The different activities :

The different activities : A hundred workshops ... 500 m of zip lines. In early 2015, the lifeline continues all along our rope courses, including on the Farfadet course. The system is simple and effective: a special karabiner is inserted on the lifeline at the beginning of the course and can only be removed at the end of it. You never have to detach from the safety line! Your safety is our priority

More than 80 workshops, more than 500 meters of zip-line. Course for all ages and levels ...
New: Quickjump jump !

Equipped with laser guns, you will team up with your friends on a terrain studded with obstacles. Sensations close to paintball ...

Barefoot Sensory Course
A walk in the forest where you rediscover your 5 senses
Open from May 1 to August 31

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March 2020

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