NEW: TYRO COURSE! "Minimum size: 1,50m

- For the smallest ( 1m40 raised hand maximum) :
Farfadet course

- For kids ( more than 1m40 raised hand) :
Yellow course
Blue course

- For the juniors ( more than 1m55 raised hand)
Yellow course
Blue course
White course

- For grown-ups and adults
White course
Green course
Red course
Black course (+ 14 years)


Equipped with laser guns, you will team up with friends on a terrain with obstacles. Sensations close to paintball, but without pain. Accuracy, endurance, camouflage recommended.

Barefoot trail

A sensory adventure for the entire family
In this fun and educational course, take off your shoes and go barefoot for a walk of about 1 hour in the forest.
Several trays containing different materials (stones, pine cones, sand ...) line the path and you will discover different sensations.
5 sensory spaces will offer you games related to sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch
Many information boards will provide you information on the local flora and fauna.
Opening from April 6th to September 1st

Parc closed until
the end of
March 2020

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